Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 topics up today....Strepthroat and airplane travels.

Monday I was asked about remedies for strepthroat.  I recomended to the person to combine the remedy
Streptococcinum 30c, 3 times a day with her antibiotics.  Streptococcinum is a Nosodes,  meaning it is made from Strep its self.   This is different from remedies because remedies are made from Natural occuring items in there natural state  :)
I also remomend to people who are taking antibiotics to eat yogart as a easy way to replace the good things in the gut that tends to be wiped out by the antibiotic as well.
In today's world Mono seems to follow Strep in alot of people.  For Mono there is also a Nosodes called Mononucleosis, you would use it 3 doses 3 times a day as well.  :)

Today the topic of air plane travel come up. Anxiety and Ear Pain.

The remedies for Anxiety or fear of flying, are aconitum 30c and gelsemium 30c.  I have people combine them both to have a smooth flight.....3 pellets of each repeat every 15 min. until calm.

Fro the Ear Pain,  I recomend aconitum 30c three pellets every 5 to 10 min. until pain is gone....repeat as needed.   Also chewing gum on take off and descent/landings help to keep the preasure equel in the ears and help prevent the pain.

Have a great Thrusday  :)

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