Friday, October 7, 2011

The pagan homeopath start blogging today !

So today I have added Blogging to my goal of sharing homeopathy with all, especially the pagan community.  I am all ready on face book and on the web at

Earlier today the remedy I talked about on the above was hypericum perf.  made from St. john's wort.
This remedy has been used alot by me, for my children add all of those spamesh fingers and stepped on toes !
Also for coccyx injuries (which is your tail bone), dental work (such as root canals), and any kind of nerve damage.

In it's natrual herb form a lot of people use it for a anti-depresent (it's in herbal tea's for this purpose)

Have a wonderful friday.........

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  1. The pagan homeopath sends a special thanks to her daughter, Megan for her help today! And the first patient who I ever used hypericum on for a smashed made us both feel so much better that night many moons ago, and we, will always remeber it because of that night :)